Pottery Barn X Issa Rae


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A Super (star) client gets posh living and family rooms for entertaining and relaxing in style. We were so excited for the opportunity to work with such a talented and inspiring client like Issa Rae. From the very beginning of the project, we knew we wanted to capture the essence of the desert’s relaxed and carefree lifestyle while also reflecting Issa’s personality and style. We worked closely with her to develop a design scheme that balanced the natural tones and textures of the desert with pops of bold colors and unique patterns. One of the unique features of the living rooms is the custom-made curved sofa that sits at the center of the space. It provides a cozy and inviting gathering spot for Issa and her guests, while also serving as a stunning focal point. We paired the sofa with a mix of vintage and contemporary pieces, creating an eclectic and timeless atmosphere. Another key element of the design is the use of natural materials like rattan, jute, and wood, which add warmth and texture to the space. The artwork and accessories were also carefully selected to complement the design and showcase Issa’s personality and interests.
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