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Bring the Beauty of Hawai'i Inside

At Studio Palomino we specialize in interior design for modern island living. We believe your home should be an authentic reflection of your unique style and interests. We want you to be involved in the process every step of the way to create a transformation that doesn't just look great but feels right for you.

01 / Discovery : get to know you

We LOVE this part!
We work with you to take in all of your input and desires, get to know the location and architecture of your home, and explore how you'll use each space. We like to envision your project from all angles, making sure that spaces flow together while also complementing your lifestyle, aesthetics and household dynamic.
1. The Details

Our process always starts with getting to know you first - we want to know how you want the space to feel and function, as well as your vision for what we will achieve together. During these big-picture conversations as well as through our design questionnaire, we'll dive deeper into your design tastes, our process and fees. We also want to learn about all your dreams for the project, current inspiration or what's on your wish list! During this Discovery phase we will familiarize ourselves with your project site, taking detailed photographs and videos, as well as inventory any furniture, art, and decorative items that are to be integrated into the new design.

/ The Timeline
2 - 3 MONTHS
  • Discovery Conversation
  • Aesthetic Development
  • Outline Anticipated Project Schedule
  • Trade Day For Potential Vendors


After getting to know you better, we create a concept that marries your needs with our professional expertise to provide a compass for the next phases of the project. During this step, we will also confirm the design direction & layout and furnishings investment estimate so you know what to expect moving forward.
1. The Details

Once we have absorbed and documented every detail from our Discovery phase into our brains, customer portal and various software programs, the fun begins! Now it's time to create a design plan based on what we have learned from you, as well as our own creative ideas. We will prepare Aesthetic Concepts to illustrate our recommended design direction, including preliminary selections for FF&E (Furnishings, Fixtures, Equipment), and photographic and illustrative examples. In tandem with our concept and material boards, we will develop preliminary furniture and floor plans indicating placement of furniture recommended.

From concept to final design
/ The Timeline
  • Concept, Materials and Mood Boards
  • Confirm Design Direction & Layout
  • Create Furnishings Investment Estimate
  • Explore Initial Quotes & Vendor Availability

03 / DESIGN : Detailed

Next our team digs into the details. Elevation drawings, sketches for custom pieces and sourcing dominates this time. In this phase, we will also complete selections in accordance with your approved concept as well as finalize floor plans. We then showcase the key design components including all proposed items in our final presentation for your approval. There, you will see each fabric, finish, and detail all tied back to your scope of work and investment estimate.
1. The Details

Request price quotes for FF&E items to be ordered. Suggest alternatives if an item’s lead times exceeds project schedule.
Finalize all orders with Purchasing Manager. Coordinate with receiving warehouse or freight forwarder.
Update and share the Project Schedule, reflecting item lead times and work scheduled, with the Client.
Track and update each item's status in Client Portal.

/ The Timeline
  • Finalize Floor Plans & Elevations
  • FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment) Sourcing
  • Relevant Custom Design Drawings / Renders
  • Confirm Selections, Schedule & Invoicing


Leave the messy logistics to us! During this phase, we look after all purchasing and execution so you don't have to. Once proposals are signed and payment is received, orders are placed and a timeline is set. From that point forward we'll be the primary contact with all vendors and contractors on the details that will really make your project "sing". If your project includes a renovation, this is when construction will begin. We'll also oversee and coordinate any shipping and deliveries as well as the installation. Your only job at this stage is to sit back and relax as the design of your dreams comes to life before your very eyes.
1. The Details

Visit the job site on a reasonable basis to check on progress of work. After construction is completed, oversee final placement of furniture. Project Management is on an as-needed basis as deemed by Client and billed hourly. Provide final styling, including placement of art and accessories.
Walk through the finished project with the Client and Contractor to confirm successful completion of details and tasks.

/ The Timeline
  • Purchase Orders & Management
  • Freight Logistics / Shipment Inspections
  • White Glove Delivery & Furniture Assembly
  • Oversee Installation of:
    Window Treatments, Wallpaper, Art & Mirrors
  • Final Styling & Walk-Thru

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